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Tapestry's first album entitled 'Once Upon A String' has now been available for some time. Their music and songs have an Acoustic/Folk/Celtic ambience which take you on a magical journey with imaginative original lyrics and beautiful musical arrangements. Visit The Lady Of Shalott in her tower prison, or walk the moors with Jane Eyre. Have you ever wondered where a melody comes from? The title track 'Once Upon A String' answers that for you in breath taking style! After an enforced break Tapestry has just completed the second album 'Watercolour Clouds', released in June 2017. Only three of the tracks on this album, including the title track, are originals but the other eight tracks are unique acoustic covers of songs by artists that have influenced Steve & Jane, including a cool remake of Sting's 'Walking On The Moon', and have been recorded following requests by fans. Tapestry is currently working on two new albums: 'John O'Dreams' is a collection of Steve & Jane's favourite Irish songs, whilst 'The Pilgrim And The Poet' is entirely new material currently being written by Tapestry.

Coming Soon!

We are working on a new album which we hope to have available in Autumn 2018. This album, entitled 'John O'Dreams', is being dedicated to  the memory of our great friend John Green who passed away in 2005. It will be a collection of some of our favourite Irish songs. We have now completed 10 of the 15 tracks,

so progress is being made...!

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Coming Soon!

We are very excited about our fourth album 'The Pilgrim and The Poet'!

We are writing all new material for this album, no covers, just our own intriguing, beautiful stories with engaging melodies. There will be 12 tracks, and as you can see from the title and cover design, they are about the sea, travel and adventure. Look out for the Lady In The Mist, The Fallen Tree, Fairwinds, the Tower of Tears and Kilimanjaro...

Keep looking in anticipation until we tell you to click the button below.

Wait for it...!

Our new album 'Watercolour Clouds' is now available.

There's 11 tracks, 8 fantastic acoustic covers plus 3 brand new songs composed by Tapestry! 

Order your copy now from our store, or save 20% when you buy 'Watercolour Clouds' and 'Once Upon A String' together.

There was a melody that came to me as I walked out in the rain

Grey clouds changed to sunshine and I heard that song again

They are words about the mountains and the gentle running streams

There is music all around me or that’s the way it seems

So I wonder where it came from that glorious melody

Yes I wonder how it came to me