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Sail Home To Me

I gaze at the moon as it lights up the night · Its reflection is caught by the sea · Though there’s thousands of miles between you and I · They’re the same moon and stars that you see ·

Follow The Sun

Follow The Sun is an emotional and moving story based on a true story, as you will see in our video. You can download our song for free but please leave a tip as our writer's royalties are being donated to breast cancer charities.

Available Now!

We  released our second album 'Watercolour Clouds' in 2017. It's a collection of covers requested by our fans. We don't think there is much point in covering a song and doing it exactly like the original artist so we interpret the feel and sentiment of the lyrics and do it our way. We are huge fans of Joni Mitchell and the words in Big Yellow Taxi are far more poignant today than in 1970. (Order here.)

P.S. Hope you like our video!