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Our tracks from 'Once Upon A String' are available to listen to on SoundCloud.

This is a wonderful collection of original songs which send you on a wonderful journey into your own imagination. Sit back with a glass of your favourite, close your eyes and let yourself go wherever the music takes you. Visit the Lady of Shalott in her tower prison, fly with the Fiery Dragon, walk the moors with Jane Eyre, view the night sky from the deck of a sail ship as you Sail Home To Me, take a peek into the Secret Garden, shelter from the Summer Storms... and so on...

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We are sure you will really enjoy the album and you can buy it here.

We are often asked what gives us the inspiration for our stories and music. We can't just sit with a notepad and pen and write something. We are inspired by our surroundings, the hills, mountains, lakes, forests and other wonders of Creation. We write as our experiences in life dictate to us. We find melodies at the end of our fingertips as we play our instruments. Sometimes a lyric or a tune just comes to us as we lie in bed. So we think our music is born on a wing and a prayer, and often it begins once upon a string!

Once Upon A String

If this song was carried by an eagle, well I didn't see a thing

If this song was carried by an angel, well I never heard him sing

Did it journey here upon a prayer or a wing, this song I sing

It was once upon a string

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We released our second album 'Watercolour Clouds' in 2017. It's a collection of covers requested by our fans. We don't think there is much point in covering a song and doing it exactly like the original artist so we interpret the feel and sentiment of the lyrics and do it our way. We are huge fans of Joni Mitchell and the words in Big Yellow Taxi are far more poignant today than in 1970. (Order here.)

P.S. Hope you like our video!